Collect Box Tops all year long!

Please collect and return Box Tops to your child's teacher by October 19, 2018

The top collecting class in each grade gets a prize!

It's Box Top time! Due 10/19/2018! Help ERE raise $1000+

Need another collection form? Download it here >

It's BOX TOP time! Let's raise a $1000+ dollars this time! SHARE this post to your timeline and ask your friends & neighbors for their Box Tops too. Have aunts & grandparents mail them to you! Ask today so you have time! Super easy fundraiser!

Dear Parents,

With your help we raised over $1,000 for our Box Tops collection drive this last year. That’s FREE money for our school! Let’s do it again!!! Our Fall Collection drive runs now through October 19. All you need to do is…

1. Clip & trim Box Tops from hundreds of participating products

2. Attach your labels to the provided Box Tops collection sheet

3. Return the collection sheet to your child’s teacher by October 19, 2018

Super helpful tips!
• BE SURE THE EXPIRATION DATE IS NO EARLIER THAN 11/2018!! We get dozens of expired Box Tops that we have to throw out. Make sure yours aren’t expired!

• BE SURE THE ACRONYM AND EXPIRATION DATE on your Box Tops are fully visible! If they are cut off, we have to throw them out!

• LABEL YOUR SHEET WITH YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER’S NAME! That way their class gets credit for the submission! The class in each grade with the most wins a prize!

• IF YOUR SHEET FILLS UP, ASK YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER for another sheet or use a baggie. Be sure to label the baggie!!

• Turn in BONUS CERTIFICATES in an envelope or baggie. Be sure to label it!!

• TRIM YOUR LABELS! It saves us TONS of time if you can trim your labels for us! It’s not required but it sure helps with sorting and counting!

Want to help?
• VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We are looking for ONE parent PER GRADE to volunteer to be a Box Top Coordinator for your child’s grade level. Coordinators will assist in collecting sheets from each Teacher for your grade as well as assist in sorting and counting for our collection due date! Email me at for more information!

Thank you for supporting Eagle Ridge Elementary!

Box Tops Coordinator Lead

THANK YOU for supporting Eagle Ridge Elementary!